Christian Camping in Eastern Wyoming

Camp Grace

Camp Grace is a home missions ministry, using the unique aspects of the camping ministry to reach young people for the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen families and serve local churches. It is a place of decision in the areas of salvation, full-surrender and consistent Christian walk.

Upcoming Events

Men's Prayer Advance

May 5-6, 2023

praying hands
Summer Youth Camps

Junior 1--June 19-24: Stephen Pendall
Teen Camp--June 26-July 1: Sam Brock
Junior 2--July 10-15: George Binoka

Women's Retreat

July 20-22, 2023

Why camp?

Hearing God’s Word in structured and unstructured settings

Eliminating life’s distractions and the world’s influences

Away from home overnight in a new setting

Reflecting on God’s Word and my life in a creation context

Trained staff leading unique organized activities

opportunities for ministry

We are looking for summer staff! The group we recruit from is the 18-28 year olds but we primarily want folks who have accepted Christ as their savior and are seeking to please him with their lives as they grow in grace and in the knowledge of him!