Positional Statement

Positional Statement

To be signed before any church or school group uses Camp Grace for a Custom Camp.

(Group Name) does not associate with, fellowship with, or join together with unbelievers for religious or spiritual endeavors. This includes those who do not believe in the veracity of the Scriptures as the only source of absolute truth or do not believe that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, apart from any additional works or second acts of grace. Furthermore, we do not subscribe to any belief that the revelation of God is incomplete or that visions, dreams, speaking in tongues, or any additional contemporary inspiration gives new revelation that would add to, amend, or in any way contradict the literal, historical, contextual interpretation of the Scriptures long established as the Canon of the Word of God. 

We understand that Camp Grace recognizes the priesthood of the believer, the autonomy of the local church, and individual soul liberty and accountability to our Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, if necessary in the interest of not being offensive to the conscience of other believers (1 Corinthians 10:23–33), we agree in Christian love (Romans 14) to put others first by limiting our liberty so as not to be a stumbling block (1 Corinthians 8), and thereby glorify our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31). Therefore, we agree to operate within the application guidelines of practice and behavior established by Camp Grace while conducting a custom camp retreat at their facility. 

While the absolutes of the Scripture and the principles derived from them never change, specific practices may change as churches make new applications in a changing society. We understand that in order to deal with such applications in a way that is non-offensive for some believers Camp Grace has adopted some application guidelines of practice and behavior for custom camp groups. 

Application Guidelines for Practice & Behavior

It is understood that that these guidelines are for members of our group while at Camp Grace and may or may not reflect our church’s beliefs or practices when not at Camp Grace. We agree to operate within the application guidelines of practice and behavior established by Camp Grace while conducting a custom camp retreat at their facility. 

  • Camp Grace requests that every retreat or camp have at least one Gospel or Bible-based message or service each full day they are on the camp facility. 
  • Camp Grace requests that groups focus on Bible preaching and teaching, testimonies of praise to the Lord, workshop and seminars on biblically related subjects, songs of worship and praise to God above, and prayers; while refraining from any outward manifestations of sign gifts. 
  • Camp Grace requests that participants refrain from smoking and use of other tobacco products, drinking alcoholic beverages, or using illegal drugs. 
  • Camp Grace requests that all campers follow the dress guideline regarding modesty and appropriateness outlined in the camper information flyer. 
  • Camp Grace requests that groups conducting their own music use sacred traditional music, Scripture songs, or praise and worship choruses whose lyrics are in agreement with Scripture. 
  • Camp Grace requests that musical instruments used for accompaniment be limited to a piano or an acoustical guitar. 
  • Camp Grace requests that the use of media and videos be consistent with the requests above. 
  • Baptism and communion are ordinances of the local church and will be practiced at Camp Grace only if a specific local church does so under the leadership of the pastor/s of that church. 

Addendum for Churches Organizing More Than One Group or Christian Ministry

Camp Grace requests that if we are going to bring or invite other churches or Christian ministries to this retreat/camp that we send to Camp Grace along with our contract a signed Position Statement from each church or ministry that is sending people as a group and/or will be promoting this retreat within their church or ministry. 

If the group of churches is a part of, or is represented by some larger organization or group, Camp Grace further requests that the larger group leadership must also sign a Position Statement. This includes any denominational organization, association, or alliance where this retreat is a function of that larger group.

Camp Grace also requests that if the speaker is not from our church or ministry that we request of the speaker a signed Position Statement. By signing this addendum, we are also agreeing to help Camp Grace monitor who is invited to speak or teach at a Camp Grace retreat so that Camp Grace can honor its biblical convictions to maintain purity through biblically mandated separation. 

Camp Grace also respectfully requests that we honestly consider the statement before signing it. Camp Grace’s wish is to work with as many Bible-believing churches as possible while remaining true to the Word of God. As a sponsoring group or individual, we will not invite churches that obviously do not adhere to Camp Grace’s Position Statement or have ecclesiastical compromising leanings. It will only create difficulties since these are non-negotiable areas for Camp Grace.