Teen Camp

Teen Week: June 24-29

Our speaker is Kris Endean. 

From $319 (if registered by April 15)

Taming an Untamed Land

The early emigrant settlers left behind all that was familiar and safe. They were seeking a better future. The trip was hazardous, the work was challenging and the outcome uncertain. Our week will be filled with adventure and challenge too, but the outcome is filled with certainty! A week filled with fun activities, crazy games, new friends and a counselor that spends time doing all of that with you! There will be several new activities along with your favorites from last year. Our theme for adventure is woven through each day as we tell the story of the taming of the land for settlement. Our theme for spiritual impact will also be found throughout each day as we consider some of the heroes of the Bible from Hebrews 11. Their choices and actions might be considered “nonsense” if we try to understand them without understanding faith. The life of a follower of Christ only makes sense when explained by faith! We can’t wait to see you!